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When Rav Shlomo Wolbe zt"l asked Rav Yechezkel Levenstein zt"l what important information he should tell students Rav Chatzkel said- Tell them that "there is a Master of the World"

When the Ba'al Shem Tov came into this world, he brought a tremendous light that revived Klal Yisroel from its state of spiritual death

Emunah must fill our day, from the moment we say upon arising I thank you in Your Presence for restoring my soul

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Building a Sanctuary in the Heart - Part I
Building a Sanctuary in the Heart- Part One

This small book is the first in a series of books detailing practical steps on how to attain the state of feeling attached to Hashem at all times. The Hebrew title - Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh - "In my heart, I will build a Sanctuary" sums up the three elements of the method. The goal is to create in oneself a sanctuary within which the Divine Presence will rest. The method is "building" - step by step in a concrete way that is both simple and profound. The tool is "my heart". The author guides the reader on how to arouse his inner feelings using the medium of directed thought (and speech as well, for extra effect.)

The author of this sefer, who prefers to remain anonymous,has studied the full spectrum of sefarim in Torah literature that discuss how to best serve Hashem. He is associated with great tzaddikim in our generation who have written haskamos to his many Hebrew sefarim on a variety of topics. Using an eclectic approach, he has developed a method that speaks to the hearts of Jews from all walks of life. As a book-store owner in Yerushalayim put it, "His sefarim are lapped up by the entire spectrum, from modern Orthodox youths to Mea Shaarim chassidim!"

To present his ideas, he does not delve into philosophical discussions, nor does he quote many sources. He just shows how by constantly repeating basic fundamentals of emunah one can gain a different perspective on life in this world. The style may appear at first to be over-repetitive. This is done deliberately, since most people will read something once and then read on. The author therefore does the repetition for you, showing how, by restating the apparently obvious, the ideas penetrate from the mind to the heart.

The translation is fairly literal with an attempt to retain the direct style of the original, presented in readable English. This translation includes some additional paragraphs not included in either the original Hebrew or the Yiddish, Spanish or Russian editions. These were taken (with the author's permission) from cassette recordings of the shiurim on which this sefer is based. [We have marked them off with square brackets]. The author refers to Hashem most often as "Haboreh Yisbarach" - the Creator, blessed be He. This term is used very commonly in sefarim hakedoshim. It is extremely germane to the topic being discussed, namely the awareness that Hashem's presence permeates all of creation. We have used the terms "Hashem" and "the Creator" interchangeably so that the reader will feel comfortable with the mode of reference.

It is our sincere hope that this work will help prepare our generation for the much awaited times of Moshiach when "the earth will be filled with knowledge of Hashem..."

"Building a Sanctuary in the Heart Part I" can be ordered from your local Hebrew bookstore.
Appendix 813
Section 8: Hiskalelus Integrating with Hashem 2936
Section 7: Closeness to Hashem 3012
Section 6: Loving Hashem 2742
Section 5: Fear of Hashem 2838
Section 4: Emunah in Divine Providence 3548
Section 3: Emunah that Each Thing is a Creation of Hashem 3556
Section 2: Emunah that the World has a Creator 3870
Section 1: Clarifying the Purpose of Life 6969
Author's Introduction 3421
Table of Contents 4307
Editor's Introduction 3335
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